Khan Academy: Out of the Screen, Into the Physical World

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Amazing Animal Kingdom Have you ever wondered about different kinds of animals? Join us nxt sumo bot rules of attraction a journey of learning through art, stories and music to learn about animals form hot climates to cold and everything in between. Around the 50 States Join us as we explore the United States and all the fun states that surround New York.

We will explore states like Texas and their cowboys and Arizona and its deserts. We will read books, share hands-on activities, and create art projects. We will even work on an enormous state puzzle! Bead Design Academy Shine with the art of jewelry making.

Bring your creativity to life with Bead Academy jewelry design class. Learn the latest trends, tricks, and techniques for using the right materials and beads to bring your designs to life. Nxt sumo bot rules of attraction with a finished projects that is uniquely you. Books to Movies Is it better when you read the book? Or is it better watching the movie? Get ready to compare and contrast to see which version is better. Cartoons and Comics Art Make comic strips and books from start to finish.

Plan your story, write your dialogue, and then draw your comics. Make your own comics library and then share them with your family and friends. Clayworks and Crafts Learn to work with molds and various clay tools. Experiment with clay and glazes.

Design and make decorative projects to take home. This is a 4-week course. Animation Nation Digital photography meets movie animation! Take home a digitally mastered recording of your blockbuster production to show to friends and family.

Welcome to the wonderful world of stop motion animation! Capitalist Big Shot Would you like to be a virtual billionaire? Have you ever wanted to invest in the stock market? Do you have what it takes to run an entire business? Come start up a virtual business and learn nxt sumo bot rules of attraction to run a company just like the professionals. In this class you will learn to use your creative mind to picture what you want to write about.

Using MS Word and various Internet resources you will create short stories, poems and graphic stories. Students will investigate various math topics through the use of engaging Internet activities, hands-on activities and dynamic software.

Every child will receive individualized attention and discover fun ways to use math. Using the components of Microsoft Office, you will discover the magic of creating your own slide show.

You will learn how to add graphics, sounds, and animation in order to create magical presentations. All students will take home a CD of their projects to share with friends and family. Flash Animation ; Now is the time to create your own animated stick figure cartoon or fully animated character sequence!

In this class, campers will learn the basics of Adobe Flash Professional CS5, as they create a series of engaging hands-on projects. They will learn how to use the Flash drawing tool to create animated movies as they incorporate their own vision into their designs. By the end of the course, campers will have a collection of completed animated movies on a CD to take home to share with friends and family.

The students in this course will participate in activities that will require them to utilize their skills in written and oral communication in conjunction with various computer software and strategies.

All final drafts will be printed, many accompanied by full-color illustrations. These will be collected in a portfolio that can be brought home to wow family and friends. Mighty Movie Magic ; Do you have a story that needs to be told? Is working with a video camera your idea of wonderful?

Create a movie with standard video cameras and edit in your titles, music, and credits using video-editing programs like iMovie or MovieMaker and create your own movie magic. Robotics Engineering ; Roll up your sleeves and start building your own robots! Students will work in teams and compete in exciting challenges including maneuvering through obstacle courses and competing in Sumo wrestling tournaments.

You will love being the mastermind behind your very own robot! Sit back, relax and…Take Charge! In this course, you will be the master of games, with epic real-time strategic challenges, city-building simulations, and theme-park construction and management. You can team up with a partner or take on these challenges alone. Empire at War, and Civilization IV to master the techniques of being a leader. Do you have what it takes to take charge?

These are a Few of My Favorite Things This class is all about using technology to learn more about your favorite things. Students will choose their nxt sumo bot rules of attraction book, color, food…and research it on the Internet. They will present their findings in attractive MS Publisher documents.

A portfolio of work will be sent home to share with friends and family. Learn how to use the Internet and MS publisher all while learning about your favorite things!

Video Game Design ; Students will use the Game Factory 2 software and higher-order thinking skills to create their own video games. Create your levels and then program the action nxt sumo bot rules of attraction want to see. A CD, which includes a free demo version of the software, is included along with the games designed by YOU! Website Design ; Have you ever wondered nxt sumo bot rules of attraction people create a website?

In this class you will use computers and Nxt sumo bot rules of attraction technology as a medium to express your interests. Learn how to organize your thoughts by using multiple pages.

All campers will have the opportunity to present their completed projects to the class. Campers will receive a URL through Webs. Get ready to impress your fellow classmates when you return to school in the fall, as you explore the different techniques and styles of writing and learn to write like a professional. Focused on developing strong writers of the future, this class will allow your child to gain valuable skills for their future academic careers.

Your child will nxt sumo bot rules of attraction home a portfolio of their completed work to share with friends and family. Designer Desserts ; One of our most popular classes returns! Learn how the experts decorate cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Be proud of your decorating skills as you create, design, and then eat! This class is not suitable for students with food allergies.

Become paleontologists as we explore how dinosaurs were discovered, how they lived, and what they ate. Learn how to tell the difference between carnivores and herbivores. Engineering Simple Machines Our goal is to expose young campers to beginner engineering skills and concepts. Learn about simple machines through literature. Then design, build, and construct your nxt sumo bot rules of attraction mechanisms.

Learn about gears, levers, motors, and the mechanics of how devices work. You will be able to transform your own designs into movable machines. Exploring Famous Authors Emphasis will be on reading nxt sumo bot rules of attraction and writing skills, as well as completing art projects. Exploring the Senses Hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching!

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