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My opinion is that when a coin like Bitcoin starts to fork multiple times, then one of the forks is cancelled, it gives the market the speculationbitcoin forum that there is a civil war, which equals instability. I am glad to see that speculationbitcoin forum day has come, when Bitcoin is being compromised as being the nr.

The crypto-currency community is more educated than a few years ago. As a NEM investor and enthusiast, I can only express my joy for this moment, considering the fact that NEM Catapult is about to launch on Mijin very soon, and for Speculationbitcoin forum public blockchain somewhere in thte 1st quarter next year.

We went through hell with speculationbitcoin forum last couple of months but now, the ones speculationbitcoin forum stood on their positions are about to harvest the rewards of planting the seeds. Stai chill, and look on the long-term like next year May.

The cryptocraze is heading to new heights: Fiat is based on the real work you do, the going to the boring office and enduring the never ending shit from your boss, or driving that Uber car for 60 hours for less than minimum wage. Small wonder you will always value fiat currency more than crypto.

The other huge problem with crypto is so far it is unspendable in a realistic way. Sure, you can get your ass raped on speculationbitcoin forum exchange rate and stupid speculationbitcoin forum by using Monaco or TenX speculationbitcoin forum other Shift based cards. However, there is no real way to spend any of them. Then comes the next nail in the coffin.

The project based speculationbitcoin forum are essentially offering nothing new, but speculationbitcoin forum intentions are to monetize every aspect of online life. So, Libry has a youtube speculationbitcoin forum, only it costs you actual money to view anything.

Same with all the others - even MaidSafe wants to create a p2p internet that charges safecoin for speculationbitcoin forum and everything you click on. Sounds like a fucking nightmare to me. Then read up on Iota Miota white paper - which outlines an entire internet and internet of things where absolutely everything you do is monetized. Is this a future you really want? Is it a future you can really envisage normal people want?

Not only that but Crypto has proven to be the absolute least private of currencies. There have been high speculationbitcoin forum traces from source to speculationbitcoin forum on drug deals, pornography and even crypto frauds where the perpetrators have been caught purely by following the blockchain. The second any part of it goes to speculationbitcoin forum or gets spent on a physical product that requires a delivery address and you are fucked - busted!

On top of all this is the fact we now have proof that Crypto can speculationbitcoin forum used as mass cash grabs by our Governments. If the US Gvt banned all exchanges tomorrow what would anyone do? If you trade on a foreign exchange your ISP will grass you up and the police will smash your door in and give you a beasting.

Tulips by comparison are infinitely more valuable. The blockchain is meaningless bullshit. Maybe PGP has a future but not as a meaningful currency. Time now to sell everything you hold, speculationbitcoin forum was a fun ride while it lasted, most of us will have made money doing it if we cash out right now. It will be used in the future as a demonstration of how human greed can drive a market based on nothing.

The problem is, everyone thinks the same thing. It is a pyramid scheme, a fraud, a scam and we have all fallen for it. The only real winners speculationbitcoin forum the devs and the whale holders while the market boomed. This is speculationbitcoin forum scam. But if you are wrong? If cryptos are something new and they are growing? I think in the near future the best of cryptos will combine their blockchain and welcome to speculationbitcoin forum word with digital cash.

So, my prediction about Bitcoin falling came true. Well, it seems like Bitcoin is slowly getting flushed to the toilet.

Maybe it is, but none of the money leaving Bitcoin is speculationbitcoin forum into Nem.

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